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 Tokyo Tech High School of Science and Technology is proud to have produced numerous science and engineering graduates in its over 130 years of tradition with the educational goal of “holistic education oriented toward science and technology”. In April 2026, the school will relocate to the Ookayama Campus of Tokyo Institute of Technology, and will be reborn as a new science and technology high school, while also continuing its traditions.

  Through implementation of advanced science and technology education, various exchange programs and educational programs for cultivating global citizens, as well as through improvement of the school curriculum, we plan to realize a more comprehensive educational environment to foster human resources with independence and creativity who will contribute to society. We would like to ask for your warm support and cooperation.



                                              Tokyo Tech High School of Science and Technology

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* If you are considering making a large donation or an in-kind donation of laboratory equipment, machinery tools, etc., or if the donor is a corporation, please contact the Tokyo Tech Public Engagement Division.

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Best Poster Award at KSASF 2023 (June 27 - 30, 2023)

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